Friday, June 8, 2012

7 months

I Guess I should post about Maxxon at 7 months since he will almost be 8 months.  7 months was a big month for Maxx he experienced a lot of new things!

Went boating for the first time.
Started crawling. (He is into everything)
can pull himself to standing position
Had to move the crib down 
learned how to use a straw 
still no teeth
favorite food peas and rice cereal (I know weird)
loves loves the bath tub 
dont know why I buy toys his favorite thing to play with is the I pod charger and a toothbrush 
starting to sleep through the night more and more 
only takes catnaps 
loves going for walks 
had his first sucker 
starting to get more hair (Wahoo)
love his cousins laughs the best for them 
sing and rubs his eyes when he is tired (its adorable) 

He is just all around great!!! Maxxon mommy and daddy love you and are so glad we get to be your parents!!

 Ha ha this picture cracks me up!!!

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