Thursday, December 29, 2011


This year for Thanksgiving we were at the Foxes. We stuffed our faces and watched plenty of football. Thanks Janeen for all the yummy food! Later that night we went to the movie It was nice to just eat and relax!

Maxxon and Mommy! Oh by the way Maxxon is now 1 month old
Our little family (dont you love Martys stache)
He is almost smiling
Just watching football with daddy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 Weeks old

Maxxon had a little hiccup in his life when he was 3 weeks old. Actually, it was worse then a hiccup, it started with Maxxon just being really fussy, almost like he had a belly ache. I tried gas drops and nothing seemed to help our little guy out. Saturday night Maxxon would not sleep, he maybe slept for an hour while I was holding him. Thats when I started to think something was not right. By Sunday he would not eat or sleep and was still super fussy as you can imagine. By Sunday night I knew something was not right with him. We took his temperature and it was 100.7, which did not seem that high to me, but I jumped online to see how high a babies temp can be it said that infants under the age of 3 months should not have even a small temperature, and anything over 100.2 you should take them to the emergency room. So to the emergency room we went! They took us straight back and started poking and prodding our poor little baby. He had an IV in his head with all sorts of medicine running through it, they did a spinal tap, a chest x ray, he had to get a catheter and all sorts of stuff. It broke his mommy and daddy's hearts. Finally at 3 am we were admitted to the hospital where we stayed for 3 days. We found out that Maxxon had early stages of pneumonia and he had Viral Meningitis. We are so lucky that we went to the hospital when we did and they were able to take care of are sweet baby boy! We are extremely grateful for modern medicine, it probably saved Maxxon's life. The least we can do for those that kept us in their thoughts and prayers is say THANK YOU! We owe everyone more than words can express. We are very grateful for all the blessings we received during that stressful time.


Since Maxxon was born 10 days before Halloween he was able to be at the annual Haskell Halloween Party. We were all pirates, and he was the cutest pirate of all!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Many Faces

Maxxon has lot of funny faces its so cute! I Decided to just start snapping pictures of him, and in about 30 seconds this is what I got!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 Weeks old

My Awesome Sister in law took Maxxons newborn pictures when he was 2 Weeks old She did an amazing job we love them. Thanks Whitt!!!!


When Maxxon was first born he had Jaundice. He had to be under the bilirubin lights for the first week of his life! He hated the lights so bad (so did Mom) he soon figured out how to kick his way out!!!

Little Stinker trying to escape!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maxxon Martin Fox

Maxxon Just minutes old

on our way home

Go Utes!!!!


A Couple of days before we came back to Utah we thought it would be fun to wake up early and go snorkeling one last time. So glad we did Because we were lucky enough to snorkel with wild dolphins. We were literally so close we could touch them. We swam with them for 2 hours and it was amazing!!!

There were 12 dolphins and a Baby one


The Sunsets is Hawaii Were so Awesome!! Pictures don't do justice
This is Haleakala at sunset it was cool to watch the sun disappear.

More Hawaii

I Know its been forever since I updated, but better late then never right? So back in the Summer my family flew to Hawaii to visit us for a week. It was seriously the funnest week ever. I don't have a lot of the pictures because they are on there cameras but, I am just going to post what I have!!

My Mom and Dad Flew us to oahu to go the polynesian cultural center and Pearl Harbor. It was so fun thanks Mom and Dad (sorry not the best Pic)
Us on our 20 Minute plane right to the other island
Apparently Marty does not know how to read or just doesn't care cause he jumped anyway!!

Beautiful Maui