Friday, May 27, 2011


As you know Marty sells security Systems for Vivint during the summer. Last year we were in Arkansas, and this year we were lucky enough to go to Maui Hawaii!!! We are loving it here the weather is perfect and everything is so pretty!! We love that we get to go the the beach and play in the ocean everyday.

Me and baby Fox just chilling on the beach Ha Ha

Marty going spear fishing and just loving life!!!

We went on a little sunday hike and found this cool little blow hole

I love to just sit and watch the wave splash off the lava rock its so cool!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its A Boy!!!

If you didn't know I was Pregnant, you do now. You also now know we are having a BOY!!!! We are so excited!!!! I am 17 Weeks Today, and so excited to finally start getting over the whole morning sickness. There is a guy in my parents ward who does ultra sounds at 16 weeks so we were able to find out early. Marty was so cute at the ultra sound he really really wanted a BOY so when the doc said ITS A BOY he got all teary eyed!!! The Doc said that he was heathly and very Active (He already takes after his Dad). We were able to see him moving his arms and legs, also saw the spine, and heart.