Thursday, May 31, 2012

6 Months old

I seriously cant believe our little guy is a half a year old it's so crazy how fast he is growing up! 
Here are Maxxons Measurements from his 6 month appointment!
Weight: 15lbs 7oz 
height: 25.5
I cant remember his head measurements all I know is it's a tiny head in the 1 percentile

Here are some facts about Maxxon!

He started baby food and carrots are his favorite
Still sleeps on his belly in the stink bug position
Loves to stick his tongue out.
he touches everybody's faces 
still nurses 6 times a day 
loves when daddy comes home 
Is going to be crawling really soon 
Is a daddys boy unless he is hungry or tired then wants nothing to do with dad
has the smallest head and feet ever
But has a big dimple bum(so cute)
still not sleeping all the way through the night 
is super observant 
loves being outside 
loves being on his belly if you lay him on his back he flips over to his belly 
loves the bathtub 
hates getting dressed cry's every time
still loves his binkie 
loves to pull moms hair (thats why its in a pony everyday)
love the vacuum 
is very strong 
Is the cutest thing ever!!!! 


  1. So cute!! It really is amazing how fast they grow! It's sad but it's so fun seeing them do new things!

  2. He is so stinkin cute. Let's do lunch again soon.